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How your business can make a difference to the environment just by upgrading your phone system

Every business has an impact on the environment, whether it’s using paper, running a fleet of vehicles or simply your offices’ electricity consumption. With the millions of businesses in the UK each business has a corporate and social responsibility to reduce their environmental impact.

One of the benefits of upgrading your office phone system with Harvey Communications is our Trees 4 Business scheme. So what is the scheme all about?

The Trees 4 Business Scheme is an initiative designed for businesses to give something back to the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. Harvey Communications have embraced this scheme and have committed to plant 250 trees. For every new system we install we plant a tree on behalf of the customer at a specially designated estate in Scotland.

The Trees 4 Business campaign is looking to reforest an area within the Alladale Estate, Scotland that has previously been lost to deforestation. (Watch our video here) Our initial commitment to the scheme is 250 trees, however we plan to plant many more over time.

The importance of trees

Trees are extremely beneficial to the environment as they use energy from the sun to fuel photosynthesis. Photosynthesis converts water and C02 absorbed from the atmosphere into carbohydrates that are used by the tree for nutrients. The by-product of photosynthesis is oxygen, which is released by trees into the atmosphere. So by absorbing CO2, trees rid the environment of an excess pollutant and in return, they give us oxygen to breathe

In one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the amount of CO2 produced when you drive your car 26,000 miles.

A tree planted on behalf of your company

As previously mentioned for every new system installed we will plant a tree on behalf of that customer. We will send you a Trees4Business certificate with the exact GPS location of your tree, so you have an official document confirming the planting. Whilst we are not saying this will change our environment dramatically, it’s the small things that help. We are only one company, if others look at their environmental impact too, that’s when real change can occur.

For more information on the Trees4Business scheme click here.