Environmental Policy

What we do to make a difference

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is one of the ways we are different from others in our industry. We do have similar challenges; running a national maintenance programme can have an impact on the environment, but we do everything we  can to minimise our carbon footprint.

Our commitment has grown over time as we found ways to reduce our carbon emissions.  We have addressed the vehicles that our engineering team drive, changing from a diesel van fleet to eco-friendly Volkswagen Blue Motion estate cars.We also offset our carbon emissions with our Trees 4 Business campaign. Each time we supply a new office phone system, we plant a tree in the UK at a specially designated estate. Every customer then receives a certificate with the exact GPS location of where their tree is planted.   Another challenge faced was how to safely transport equipment to a site in an environmentally friendly way.   We now supply our equipment in packaging which is 100% recyclable and our engineers recycle all packaging once installation is completed.

Within our offices we looked at how to reduce our energy usage, which is why we fitted LED lights throughout our buildings.  Other schemes include recycling bins for paper and other recyclable waste, whilst employees are encouraged to cycle to work rather than drive, lessening our collective carbon footprint in the process.   Our biggest differentiator from others in the telecoms industry is our Eco Buy Back Scheme.  We offer customers a minimum of £500 trade in for their old phone system, so that we can then recycle the components safely, without sending them to landfill.