Eco Buy Back Scheme



Our Eco BuyBack Scheme is simple

We pay you a minimum of £500 to trade-in your old phone system. There are no "if's," "but's" or "maybe's," just the fact that we will pay you a minimum of £500 for your existing telephone system when you purchase a new phone system.

What will we do with your old phone system?

Our Eco BuyBack Scheme is a key part of our environmental policy, which is why recycle the components and dispose of other materials in an environmentally friendly manner. At stage one we identify which components of the phone system can be recycled. We then ensure that components are re-used as spare parts for companies who are not in a financial position to upgrade their old phone system, keeping their phone systems working.

Other parts of your old phone system will be recycled. This includes notable parts such as its plastic casing which can be melted down to then be re-used, and even the internal cabling has use in other areas.

When we have recycled all we can ourselves, we then pass whatever is left to one of our environmental partners who are experts in reducing everything back to its raw state, and they can then re-use this material, ensuring that little goes to landfill.

How much is your old phone system worth?

The Eco BuyBack scheme starts at a minimum of £500, but it can increase considerably dependent on age of system, number of handsets or type of system. Essentially, the more components we can recycle on your behalf, the more you will receive for your old system when you choose a new Harvey’s office phone system.