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Will your business take advantage of the Eco Buy Back Scheme?

At Harvey Communications we’ve had numerous SMEs already take advantage of our Eco Buy Back Scheme but will your business be next?

Is the environment important to your business? Or do you just have an environmental conscience and like to help out where possible?

Well if the answer is yes to either of these questions then our Eco Buy Back Scheme is an initiative that you could take advantage of whilst improving your business telecoms.

But how does the Eco Buy Back Scheme work?
The scheme is simple: Upgrade your office phone system with us and we will take out your old system and give you a minimum of £500 for it. You may receive more, depending on what you currently have installed and how many handsets you have.

We will then identify which system components can be used for spare parts and utilise any to help maintain the systems of customers who may not be in a financial position to upgrade.
For the remaining parts that cannot be used, we send them to our carefully selected environmental partners to recycle, so very little ends up at landfill.
In return you will receive a modern and efficient office phone system with features designed for SME’s at little or no additional cost.

But does this matter to your business?
We understand and agree that making your business a success is your number one priority but why not lessen your environmental impact in the process. If every business did one thing, no matter how small to improve their carbon footprint then this would have a significant overall impact across the country.

After all, we all need to respect what is around us and look after it for future generations because if we don’t then who will?