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Is your phone system set up for the festive period?

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for a majority of businesses, whether your company is open or closed throughout this period.  It is crucial that you maximise customer service levels and this is where your phone system can help!  Planning ahead will leave you stress-free and ensure you don’t come back in the New Year with lots of customer issues or problems caused by your phone system not working for your business.

Here are a few simple tips to aid communication between you and your suppliers, customers or clients;

  • Update the phone system to include your Christmas Opening hours so the night service operates over the correct periods.
  • Update your on-hold marketing with a seasonal message to promote when your company is closed, leaving your clients or customers informed.
  • If staffing levels are low you can transfer incoming calls externally to any number, including mobiles; which can help make sure you do not miss important sales opportunities.

Does your phone system have this capability?

These are just three simple ways to help your business over the busy Christmas period but does your phone system have this capability?  Well if the answer is no, then it is time to speak to the experts!  Upgrade your phone system with Harvey Communications at no additional cost and you receive a brand new state of the art phone system that will improve your business.

Our phone systems come with software designed to increase efficiency, improve communication and aid customer retention.  Features include;

  • Call Recording
  • Call Reporting
  • CTI
  • On-Hold Marketing
  • Intelligent Voicemail

Give your business a kick-start to 2016 by upgrading your phone system today!

For more information speak to one of the experts at Harvey Communications on 0333 004 7777.