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Is your phone system at the heart of your business growth?

Have you ever taken a step back to look at your business? Why not ask yourself; How is it performing? Is there any room for improvement? You might not realise it yet but your telephone system is the lifeblood of your company. Communication forms the basis of all business and without it, you will find it hard to trade.

With that in mind is your phone system up to the daily rigours of business? How is it performing? Are your customers continually hearing the busy tone?

You may have the opinion that as long as the phone rings in and you can call out, that’s all you need. Most modern phone systems can provide information and features that are designed to improve your business. This may come in various forms, whether it is highlighting staff training requirements, or producing statistics. Whatever the solution, let your phone system be at the heart of your business growth.

A modern phone system will be able to provide features, reports and information that you can tailor specifically to your business. Here is a list of some of the common features that you can use to help improve your business:

Call Recording: Listening to your calls can highlight whether your staff are answering calls correctly and speaking to customers in the right way. It can also show you if they are trying to upsell where possible. Call Recording offers a great insight into how your staff are performing and give insights into possible training needs. Many of our customers use the call recordings as training tools to improve staff performance.

Call Reporting: This software can report anything related to your phone system, whether that’s how many calls you have received, to who answers the phone the most within your team. Use these statistics to improve various areas of your business by benchmarking and streamlining performance.

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration): Most businesses have a customer database and with CTI this can be integrated with your phone system. This means that when the phone rings and the number calling is on your database, you can see who is calling even before you have picked up the receiver. If you hold notes on that customer then these details can also be called to your computer screen. This type of information can aid customer service and improve staff efficiency.

On-Hold Marketing: As the name suggests when your customers are on-hold let them hear customised messages rather than silence or annoying sounds. You can easily update messages to make them relevant to help promote new product lines or services. 90% of callers are put on hold so make use of this time to promote your business.

Just by taking the time to investigate some of these features you will have a fantastic insight to your business. We know that time is such a valuable commodity to business owners and having the spare time can sometimes be tricky. However, if you want to grow your business these types of features should be utilised to help get you there!

Does it all sound a bit baffling? Don’t worry, the team at Harvey Communications are here to cut through all the jargon so you receive an upgraded phone system designed around your business.

Why not put them to the test and help your business grow.