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How phone system information can help your business grow

In this follow up from our last blog we take a closer look at how office phone system reporting can provide vital information to improve your business.

The Call Reporting feature which comes as standard with a new system from Harvey Communications gives you instant access to anything related to your telephone calls. Here are just a few reports you could request and how you can use the information to gain a valuable insight into your business:

Missed Call Reports: Missing calls can be disappointing for both you and your customers but why not use this report to make sure all of your customers are called back. A missed call report can show you all the missed calls you have received and the times of the day the calls occurred. Never miss an opportunity again! Over the course of a week, a month, a year – how much could this be worth to your company?? In extreme cases this could be the difference between keeping your business afloat or not.

Call Volume Report: Do you know how many calls you receive over a day, week or month? Do you have enough staff to answer these volumes of calls? Is there a manpower requirement? What impact could this make to your company?

Call History Report: Who is answering the most calls within your business? Are they the right people to be frontline or could they be better served using their time elsewhere within the business? Make sure the makeup of your team is the most efficient it can be.

Just by taking the time to investigate some of these example reports you will have a fantastic insight to your business. We know that time is such a valuable commodity to business owners and having the spare time to evaluate these types of reports can sometimes be tricky. However, if you want to grow your business these types of reports should be utilised to help get you there!

Does it all sound a bit baffling? Don’t worry, the team at Harvey Communications are here to cut through all the jargon so you receive an upgraded phone system designed around your business. Why not put them to the test and help your business grow.